Other Restoration Works

We are able to provide the stone restoration, expert color matching on fills, the creation of custom designed stone pieces for small items as well as for large which may include:


  • Art Items
  • Marble Vases & Urns
  • Marble in Furniture
  • Columns & Balusters
  • Mantels & Fireplaces
  • Sculptures & Statues
  • Antique Marble
  • Medallions & Mosaics
  • Marble Benches
  • Fountains
  • Marble Sinks & Tubs
  • Marble Planters
  • Religious Marble
  • Historical Marble
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Others

Marble & Granite Crack Repair.
Cracks in stone are fairly common. Anyone or a combination of the following may contribute to stone cracks:
• Poor Quality Stone
• Improper Installation
• Improper Maintenance
• Foundation Problems













Marble & Granite Hole Repair.

Marble is similar to limestone but much less cavernous. When marble is fabricated for use as tiles or slabs, the finished surfaces is most often filled and polished flat. Certain types of marble are more susceptible to spalling than others. The spalling almost always occurs in the veining of the marble.  We can repair marble voids and holes. The majority of marble is filled during fabrication and is leveled flat. Colors are matched onsite and a most often a fill of this nature will not be seen or detectable.









Crack Restoration Is The Solution!





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Y.D.I. Stone Inc. offers you a wide range of services in stone (granite, marble etc.) restoration. Our services include: leveling, marble grinding, marble polishing, sealing, grout cleaning, grout replacement, marble countertop restoration, marble and granite repair, marble honing, colour enhancing, slippage removal, etc...