Y.D.I.Stone Repairing specialize on all natural stone (granite, marble etc.), If it's to renovate, refresh or/and restore. We also offer cleaning, buffing and polishing services.

GOT A Crack, Stain, Scratches & Shine Less Granite countertop?

Don't Rush to spend a fortune for new one. We are specializing to solve those problems by repairing granite and marble surface inside your house.


Granite and Stone can be used in bar tops, kitchen, bathroom and shower room worktops and floors, wall panels, flooring surfaces and mosaics, stairs and door steps (inside and outside use), fireplaces, windowsills, headstones and sculptures. We are experts in granite, marble repair and restoration:

We repair all types of stone surface damage including damaged edges, surfaces, impact damage, cracks as well as defects caused during the installation and finishing of natural and engineered stone.
We also provide granite and stone restoration services such as re-polishing, joint refilling, re-sealing, sanding, stain removal, cleaning and maintenance.
We can remove old stone and granite fittings and replace with new.
We can move good stone fittings and install them elsewhere.
If you have a problem with your stone or granite fittings give us a call - we are happy to discuss options with you.


We use the best technologies to get the best results

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Y.D.I. Stone Inc. offers you a wide range of services in stone (granite, marble etc.) restoration. Our services include: leveling, marble grinding, marble polishing, sealing, grout cleaning, grout replacement, marble countertop restoration, marble and granite repair, marble honing, colour enhancing, slippage removal, etc...