Polishing, Cleaning & Sealing.
Every stone has a different result and requirements of maintenance. Some need more polish than once or can’t be polished in any way, which will require a different technique of action to preserve the shine. We specialize at cleaning, polishing, buffing & sealing any type of stone. Base on our knowledge and experience we can determent what method would be the most efficient and afford moderate results, we should apply to your stone. Our professional skills with the appropriate tools and material will bring shine and natural beauty to your Granite, Marble or/and Limestone stone.


Reflectivity of Marble & Granite.
 Marble or Travertine stone contains natural crystals. These crystals reflect light to provide a shine on the surface. When these crystals turn dull, crushed or broken, they cannot reflect light evenly, therefore Marble, Granite will no longer look as sharp, rich and colorful as before. Results to insufficient lights and crystals shine the stone generate the impression of aged, filthy and unexciting exterior.


 The only way to restore the shine of the stone is to sharpen the crystals. This can only be done through honing and polishing using diamond abrasives and polish (explained below). Marble and Travertine are soft materials, compared to Granite that contain quartz minerals. Base on the color of the stone we can determinate how many polish levels will be required. For instant; Granite can take three to five times longer to polish than softer material.


Why Seal Stone?
Whether we are completing a new stone installation or restoring an existing one, our goal is to leave the stone with as a lesser amount of maintenance as achievable for as lengthy as possible. Natural Stone is porous and so without adequate protection it will absorb any sort of liquid, as a result it will leave a stain, more so in some cases your stone will have a rotten smell . For instant; even tap water that contain minerals, salts and usually chlorine have the potential with any of the above chemicals to damage your stone.

Stain Removal.
Marble & Granite countertops are beautiful addition to the kitchen or/and bathroom design, however you should be very careful of heat and stain damages. Hot pots and pans, a curling iron, a lit cigarette carelessly placed -- all can lead to burn marks on any type  of stone. If you are lucky, the damage may be little more than surface deep. Poultices are sometimes effective in drawing out the scorch. For deep, structural discoloration and damage please contact us and we will restore the surface of your countertop.





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